Adam Souda

Adam Souda

Soccer is one of the best activities one can get involved in. It’s fun, it’s healthy, and it teaches teamwork and compassion. At First Touch Soccer Academy that’s all I ever experienced with the kids.

I love coaching; they are extremely enthusiastic at every practice and the atmosphere of the kids encourages the less motivated ones to try and leave their comfort zone.

Martin is just great, I promise you he will talk to you as an adult but once it comes to the little soccer stars, forget about it. Sometimes it’s really hard to tell whether the coach or the players are having the most fun and I think it’s important to have a child in that environment.

My favorite experiences by far are the last days of each season; I literally get goose bumps as I watch them play their final game of the season and think about their skill level on the first day, and they all play with a huge smile.

I truly believe that kids, even at a young age need to get out of their comfort zone and participate in a hobby, not necessary a sport, which would put all of their motor and social skills to the test.

First Touch Soccer Academy is a good stepping-stone for any child that would aid the transition of maturity as well as just having plain old fun with a touch of sweat.