Town league RED - GREEN 4:3 (1:2)

RED : Martin - Daniel G., Owen, Zach - Bennett (1), Matthew, David - Jack (3), Amalia, Diego 

GREEN : Ian - James, Andres, Bryan - Kieran (1), Daniel S., Madeline - Alex J. (2), Alex R., Gabriel


Another exciting game to watch. We haven't seen as many goals as last week, but the game had its quality with plenty of passing and shots on each side.We had a very nice turn out, Owen, Kieran, Alex & James joining for first time as well 2 returning players. zqaWhile Reds had both Gomes's brothers, Daniel and Matthew, on its roster, Markenson's Ian and Bennett faced each other. Compare last week we missed Conor and Grace. The teams were stocked with 3 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 forwards.

Goalie's responsibilities were share by Bennett & Martin for Red and Ian faced the heat in goal for Green team. All three of them did a very solid job, being forced a few times to make remarkable saves. Their pants were steady as well. Bennett even managed to sgore later on on his big brother Ian - how sweet is that ?  Defense were again rock solid Daniel G., Owen, Zach for Red and James, Andres, Bryan on Green side. They intercepted many developing plays and cleared the ball to the midfield nicely. 

Jack and Alex J. remain a threat for opposing team as they keep on scoring. Daniel S., Amalia, Diego were held scoreless - for this time, but we know it won't last too long before they strike again! They played well, created some chances for their teammates, just were a bit unlucky themselves. 

Matthew with his ability to see the game was a great addition. His brother Daniel was all over the place. Madeline keeps improving as she plays more. Gabriel with Alex moved the ball up and down the field very reliably. Each captain, Kieran for Green as well as David for RED, led their teams nicely.

WE play hard, but fair !!! I LOOK FORWARD TO NEXT GAME, GUYS !!!