Town League RED - ORANGE 7:7 (3:4)

Line ups


Bennett - Andres, Max, Bryan - Madeline, David - Jack (4), Diego (3)


Martin - Conor, Grace - Ian, Daniel (3), Gabriel - Alex (2), Amalia (2)

We saw a very interesting and for sure not boring match with 14 goals !!! Both teams were offensive minded, even they chose to play different system. While RED started the game with 3 defenders, 2 midfielders and 2 forwards, ORANGE chose to play with 2 players in defense, 3 in midfield and 2 forwards. The game had its flow, being played back and forth, with plenty of opportunities on each side. Red team started a bit better,  got quickly aboard thanks to two goals scored by Jack and another one by Diego, who received a great pass from Madeline. So, after 10 minutes RED led 3:0 and it looked like they would "put the game away." ORANGE team didn't agree with such a scenario at all, they started to pass the ball to each other more, which shifted momentum of the match as Daniel scored 2 beautiful goals to bring ORANGE back to the match and later on completed his hat-trick. Alex with Amalia added goal each and all of the sudden, ORANGE was ahead 4:3 !!! RED realized that they better start playing as team. They started to control mid of the field again and bounced back. The game ended up with tie 7:7 and both team should be satisfied with the result. Each captain Alex for ORANGE as well as Diego for RED provided excellent leadership, by being supportive, passing the ball, simply leading by an example. There were plenty of created chances on each side. Both goalkeepers, Bennett on RED as well as Martin on ORANGE faced numerous shots on goal. Despite allowed goals, they showed quite a few tremendous saves to keep their team in game. RED defence with Andres, Max and Bryan helped to prevent ORANGE from scoring as they were "rolling". They worked really well together clearing out quite a few balls. David along with Madeline as midfielders energized Jack and Diego up front with many good passes. The result of team effort - another four goals.Conor was like a wall of bricks, Grace played a very smart game, looking to pass the ball to her teammates. Together with Martin in goal, they denied many promising opportunities of RED team. Ian along with Daniel and Gabriel worked like well oiled engine, supplying Alex and Amalia up front with plenty of passes. They managed to score 4 times, twice each.

Both teams showed a great spirit and displayed a good sportmanship, with only one foul in entire game. There were only good comments, no arguing whatsoever.  I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU, GUYS !!!