Heather Schneps

Heather Schneps

This travel soccer season marks my seventh year coached by Martin. To put it in short, Martin is an incredible soccer coach. Martin has provided me with an environment that I do not think I could find anywhere else, and I can compare as I’ve been on many sports teams.

Martin always has a smile on his face, and is also very approachable. He constantly demonstrates drills in practice, leaving us stunned. His experience, personality and wise words (don’t forget his accent) made me respect him instantly without the intimidation strategy that so many coaches use. Martin does not put up this wall, and instead coaches with ease. He always cares more about our effort, sportsmanship, and team chemistry than the outcome of the game as long as we play close to our potential. He says win will come naturally when we have fun, when we play hard and when we really want to win.

Martin is not only a tremendous coach, but he is also one of the most warm-hearted and positive people I know. I have formed a strong bond with Martin and he always sees the potential in each and every player. Through winning and losing seasons, his positive energy made me look forward to practices and games. Martin gives us drills that enable us to work on specific skills while putting our own creative twists on them and expanding our skill sets.

Martin has always expressed faith in my teammates and me. Just this fall, Martin unexpectedly showed up at one of my soccer games for the school. I had a good game that day, and I was so glad he got to see me there. However, the next time I didn’t play up to par, Martin reminded me of how much better I could play. I love how Martin always gives us the full and honest truth. On days we don’t play well or don’t work together as a team, Martin does not hide his disappointment. Martin constantly stresses that if he didn’t think we were ready to learn or were capable of better, he wouldn’t give us "hard time". He always then focuses on the future and the next game, and I never go home after a game without feeling that Martin has my back.

I love this game, and Martin has helped me grow to love it more and more. He used to coach my older brother for about 7 year as well and it had been a very positive experience for Jake. This is why I recommend Martin as a coach the most: I don’t know if I’d get that special feeling when I walk onto the field without his major involvement in my soccer “career.” I was pulled up to varsity as a 9th grader this fall, and I only mention it because I couldn’t have gotten there without Martin’s continuous help and support. I am so glad to have Martin in my life and I hope that as many soccer-lovers as possible get the opportunity to learn from him and get to know him.

Heather Schneps.
Edgemont Strikers JV
division 1 WYSL team